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Buying an Apartment can Make you Money

Written by Nawaz Peerbux

May 2020


It’s no longer a surprise to hear your friends or family have an apartment near the beach. This is becoming a popular choice for Mauritians. The package of  Sun, Sea and Sand along with the all the other attractions which surround it are all too appealing. 

However, maintaining a second home can be a financial burden as well as an additional commitment which you simply just don’t have time for. But this notion has changed; to indulge in your very own apartment where you can enjoy modern living with a beach lifestyle has now become more attractive and even profitable.  

Secondary homes are not resided in throughout the year, in fact, they can be left vacant for months on end. However, there are so many components that have been introduced, transformed and invented which can earn you money while it’s empty.


Rental Income

As the cost of an apartment can be quite daunting considering it may not even be your permanent place of residence, the potential rental income may squash those fears and make the prospect of owning a luxury apartment more of a reality than a dream.

On average, a modern 2 bedroom apartment fetches Rs2000 per night.  Based on. 60% annual occupancy, the potential annual rental income could circa Rs438,000. This would prove to be a fantastic income contributing, or even covering any syndicate fees, loan repayments and maintenance cost. 

The availability of the apartment is at the discretion of the owner and if plans have been made to occupy the apartment there is no obligation to have it rented. Its a completely flexible scheme where you chose the availability. 


Maintenance and Security

Another obstacle when considering an apartment as a secondary home is the maintenance and security which can both be time-consuming, costly and stressful. 

Security – the security aspect is tackled by the fact an apartment is within a complex andante most luxury developments will have a communal security system in place which significantly reduces the temptation for crime. 

Maintenance – this is covered by the syndicate fees which will ensure the courtyard, swimming pool and all communal areas are kept in a presentable manner. Only the maintenance of the interior is the responsibility of the owner. 

Property Management:

Sunset Boulevard will ensure they find the best tenants for you utilising their network of clients. All aspects of the vetting, administration and accounts will be undertaken by Sunset Boulevard so you can sit back and relax. 

All payments will be collected and forwarded on to you. Any issues with the tenants will be dealt with by Sunset Boulevard so you will have no stress during your days away from the apartment. 

Why people choose to rent apartments.

Apartments have become a preferred choice for many tourists over the years, as it better suits their schedule and purpose. It proposes several advantages which can be very influential when choosing accommodation abroad. 

1. Cost              –  in comparison to the luxury hotels, they can save up to 50% by opting for a luxury apartment

2. Flexibility   –  you are not governed by the timetable of the hotel to plan your adventures

3. Space           – an apartment will offer more space than a hotel room.

4. Kitchen       – food lovers can explore with local species  and ingredients

5. Visitors.      – an apartment will allow you to have visitors any time.

6. Experience – exploring the island gives a true experience of the local culture.

Variety  of Clients 

Mauritius has shifted from the time it was seen as just a honeymoon destination. The island has transformed in a way that attracts tourists from all backgrounds who arrive to Mauritius with assorted expectations and motives. Despite its crystal blue sea and white sandy shores being strong appeals to the islands, Mauritius has created so much more which in turn has opened up the pool of clients which visit. 


1. Families

For families with more than 4, it’s not unusual for 3 rooms to be required in a hotel whereas a 2 bedroom apartment would suffice. The local prices of the food and drink are readily available from all major supermarkets and this again contributes to the cost-saving factor which can tip the scales.

2. Friends

An apartment allows them to mingle until the early hours of the morning and not be confined to the hotel room.

3. Golfers

Keen golfers may not want to be bound to one golf course when Mauritius has 12 opulent fairways all benefiting from spectacular views and different style greens. 

4. Medical Tourists

Any treatment is stressful and family and friends play a huge role in terms of support during this ordeal. Apartments are well suited for this type of tourist as they are allowed to be accompanied during their stay while they can enjoy their privacy.


The concept of owning a  second home no longer warrants heavy financial commitments attached to concerns of maintenance and security. In fact, it has become more of an attractive investment whereby it also presents personal leisurely benefits. The prospect of owning a second home will allow you to enjoy time away from the normal hustle and bustle of your daily lives as well as generate an income which will leave you with an additional asset in the future.  

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