Funiture – Sunset Boulevard


Mayfair Making Your `Home “Smart”

By Nawaz Peerbux June 2021 Mayfair has prided itself on ensuring it provides homes which exceed the expectations of the buyers. Mayfair started in 2016 and its first development was a prime example of how exceeding the usual standards was a forté of this fast-growing brand. As part of the semi furnished package, it was delivered with designer extractor hoods in the kitchen, decorative false ceiling...

Introduction to Feng Shui

Written by Nawaz Peerbux June 2020 Feng Shui   Feng Shui which translates as “wind-water” is a term which we are becoming more and more used whether it's referred to in a works space or at home. This is an ancient Chinese philosophical concept which addresses the “art of placement’ aiming to give the optimal harmonisation of everyone and their surrounding environment. Feng Shui is often...

Feng shui & Vaastu Shastra – Ancient concepts as part of Modern Architecture

Written By Nishta Jhurree May 2020 Ever wondered why most of the times the 13th floor is inexistent or simply termed as 12A instead? Ever thought why it is rare to find table number 13 in a restaurant, bed number 13 in a hospital or room number 13 in a hotel. The number 13 has long been considered as being unlucky be it in the US, UK, or China.  Superstition has always been part of every...

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