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Benefits to First Time Buyers on the Property Market in Mauritius

Written by Nishta Jhurree May 2020   Thinking of venturing on the property market for the first time can be daunting.  Despite the stress, commitment and planning it can induce, this can also be a very exciting time. The property market in Mauritius has opened its doors to welcome first-time buyers with open arms which can make this transaction more inviting and comfortable. Both the...

Buying an Apartment can Make you Money

Written by Nawaz Peerbux May 2020   It's no longer a surprise to hear your friends or family have an apartment near the beach. This is becoming a popular choice for Mauritians. The package of  Sun, Sea and Sand along with the all the other attractions which surround it are all too appealing.  However, maintaining a second home can be a financial burden as well as an additional commitment...

Off plan Buying Is The Way Forward

Written by Nawaz Peerbux May 2020         Covid19 has brought an unexpected season of turmoil within all industries and the property market has not escaped. Mauritius started the year with confidence and continued its boom in real estates from both foreign and local investors. However, as the cat has been thrown amongst the pigeons and all norms are becoming estranged, it has left us...

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