Getting the Right Architect – Sunset Boulevard

Getting the Right Architect

By Nawaz Peerbux

September 2020


Mayfair has introduced modern designs combined with practicality and affordability. To achieve this combination in the correct balance requires a certain level of planning, imagination, communication and of course, talent. Therefore, choosing the right architect is instrumental in achieving the desired results as they will have the most significant impact on your project

The right architect should possess creativity, technical expertise, and experience, to help you achieve a project that suits your requirements from a practical point of view as well as an aesthetic point of view. An architect has the challenging task of transforming your imagination and ideas into a visual plan which respects the parameters of the construction.

The creation of the Mayfair Brand has been the result of an idea and concept perfectly translated into the architectural language. It was a exhausting task searching for the correct architect as at first it was difficult to find someone that could understand the ideas and also someone who would impose the correct level of influence on the project without compromising the fundamental values. Finally, it was decided to appoint an architect who could be moulded to work and design in line with the concepts we were adamant were key to our success. Although “experience” is a mentioned attribute required when choosing an architect, on this occasion, it was not relevant and was shadowed by the sheer determination to succeed and provide complete satisfaction. 

Mr Krisnah Perrayah Appadoo, a young graduate, has been a key player in the success of the Mayfair Brand. He has managed to design stunning architectural facades and match the interior with careful space planning and practicality.

In 2017, the first meeting held was to discuss the design of Mayfair Rose Hill. This project would consume dozens of meetings which were used to understand the concepts and would entail countless changes being made to both the exterior facades and the interior planning. It was evident that experience was lacking, but this flaw was completely over powered by his professionalism, patience, communication, perseverance and  friendliness. However the final draft presented exceeded our expectations, ticked all the boxes we had and offered a project which would surely be turn heads. 

Having used the first project to understand each other, the next project, being Mayfair Perebere II, was appointed to Mr Appadoo again. This design of 18 apartments with roof gardens, under ground parking and landscaping was completed after a single short meeting which was used to highlight the concept  and objectives. Mr Appadoo had used all his knowledge and experience from the first project to present a first draft which was also used as his final draft. It was evident that Mr Appadoo had not only understood Mayfair, but had become an integral part of Mayfair.

Since our first encounter, we have designed several projects together and every time a new project is completed it brings a new edge which makes the development more appealing and interesting supassing the expectations of a very demanding audience. It is with great confidence that we say “ We have found the right architect”. 

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