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Interior Designing – Getting it Right

Written Hasini Gooria

October 2020

Dwelling in a home can be two-fold: we either feel cozy in its homely architectural layout that is utterly an outlook of our personalised designing or we feel encroached in a four-wall spaced house that stifles one due to its claustrophobic layering that conveys a messy and disorganised set-up.

At times, when one sets out on a trip, fully engaging in outdoor activities, we often feel the urge to return home after being exhausted. The need to return home is since we are deeply attached to our abode; thereby showcasing how significant one’s home needs to be conducive enough to contribute to one’s sense of well-being. Thereby the questioning of constantly shuffling our inner surroundings, be it a refurbishment or a renovation to promote a better sense of the ‘home sweet home’ conceptual idea.

The thematic of interior design is prominently instrumental as it has manifold reverberations. On one hand, it foregrounds one’s sense of organisation, sense of sound aesthetics, a blend of innovation, and contemporary trends. Given that we live in Mauritian society, the spectrum of having a lavish house, a multi-purpose Scandinavian apartment, a designer and aestheticised villa with manifold functionality embodiment, a well-furbished office, owning a modern cafeteria inter alia with eye-glaring designs embeds one in the wealthy, comfy societal class of people. Yet in the post-modern context that we are now stuck in, lavish lifestyles have plummeted given that ecological home make-overs, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) techniques are surging drastically as people are gradually taking cognisance of the ecological impact that one’s home product.



An imaginative eye and meticulousness

Normally, a designer should be profoundly innovative. Although having a perspective can be a benefit, the individual will likewise be entirely versatile and additionally need to concentrate on both the little finesses and the comprehensive view simultaneously to create firm spaces.

Awareness of interior design trend.

Trends travel every which way, and a designer has to remain on the sphere. Having the option to distinguish and anticipate patterns will assist the artist with remaining applicable and required after.

Information on ecological practices

It’s getting more normal for customers to demand eco-accommodating highlights. The interior designer needs to have decent working information on these alluring structure highlights and advancements as customers will depend on the designer to settle on the best choices for them.

Unparalleled communication

As an inside planner, the person requires to adequately convey his or her vision to the customers and practice brilliant listening skills. You’ll likewise need to work pair with contractors and different experts who will be liable for completing the said design layouts.





Illustrating capacity and computer literate

Nowadays, designers use computer-based design programs to create visual illustrations of their work; nevertheless, the capacity to make primarily sketches are helpful, as well. Having the option to use the two strategies will make him or her a greater amount of an advantage for customers.





A decent inside creator must be very sorted out to finish extends on schedule and spending plan. At the point when work takes excessively long or costs take off above what a customer was guaranteed, Interior Architects need to design out everything to the day and the dollar.

Hence the skills along with the design principles of an interior design; balance, proportion , repetition, contrast, emphasis, unity, harmony give a good impact to produce a magnificent design.

The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of space.

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