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Mayfair Making Your `Home “Smart”

By Nawaz Peerbux

June 2021

Mayfair has prided itself on ensuring it provides homes which exceed the expectations of the buyers. Mayfair started in 2016 and its first development was a prime example of how exceeding the usual standards was a forté of this fast-growing brand.

As part of the semi furnished package, it was delivered with designer extractor hoods in the kitchen, decorative false ceiling with spotlights, surround sound speakers, LED lighting, internet points and video intercom.  This introductory development to the Mayfair brand was not only designed to meet the taste of the epicurean but it was also designed to satisfy those who enjoyed their gadgets while ensuring the price tag remained attractive.

As Mayfair rolled out the new developments, it continued its quest to enhance both the design and the technology implemented in each apartment and villa. Mayfair Serenity is the most recent addition to its portfolio, and it has not only maintained its high standards, but has now gone above and beyond.

Smart Homes are the new craze, and this is not just for the technology junkies but also because homebuyers today place a greater emphasis on improving their standards of living and simplifying their housing needs. Mayfair has recognised this trend and is offering home automation in Mayfair Serenity.

All apartments are fitted with WIFI light switches where you have the option to operate them from anywhere in the world or set them on a timer to turn on and off as and when suites your routine, or simply control them manually or your mobile phone

The entrance door is secured with a WIFI entry keypad with magnetic opening linked to the video intercom. This gives you the ability to know who is knocking at your door without even being around. It also provides the convenience of controlling access to you home with your phone from anywhere.

The building is fitted with security cameras linked to the wifi network which you can access remotely so that you never miss a thing.

An Amazon Alexa will be supplied to each unit, where this will be compatible with the light switches and intercom so that these elements can be controlled by voice commands while also benefiting from the magnitude of options which the Amazon Alexa offers.

The possibilities of making you home smarter are endless. Mayfair has several other options to help improve your smart home experience such as motion detectors, WIFI plugs, and harmony systems to connect all your devices.

Mayfair Serenity is sure to exceed all expectations and offer you a dwelling which will bring convenience, practically and security to your lifestyle.

Call now on 5 702 5153 and discover how Mayfair Serenity can add value to you lifestyle.

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