Meet the Architect behind Mayfair Serenity – Sunset Boulevard

Meet the Architect behind Mayfair Serenity


Founder of Arck Design Consultancy (ADC), Mr Krisnah Perrayah Appadoo has been with Mayfair since its very first steps. Mayfair broke ground in Mauritius in 2016 with Mayfair Perebere 1 and since then has worked very closely with ADC.

I was fresh out of university loaded with all the theory and techniques which I had learned over the years and was eager to convert these into an actual project and display my skills and talent which I had acquired during my studies

Mayfair presented me with opportunity to express my creativity and demonstrate my potential. Admittedly, the initial stages were very tedious and time consuming as we had to find common ground and understanding to ensure my ideas translated to that which Mayfair had envisioned.

Over the years and having completed several plans and designs for Mayfair, the process of producing a final draft has become second nature. The understanding we have between the promoter and myself has become so transparent that with only a small brief not only does ADC meet every expectation of Mayfair but also enhances its brand with every project.

Mayfair Serenity is a luxury project of 16 apartments meets the needs and desires of the clients whereby it consists of 1 & 2-bedrooms apartments and a private 3-bedroom penthouse with spacious bedrooms, extravagant open living space areas, soothing bathrooms, well designed kitchen areas and a natural flow throughout. Furthermore, the outer touches make the venture more exciting with its ground floor swimming pool and its breathtaking roof-top garden. Valuing the existing coastal and mountainy views this stunning development has been designed to absorb these breathtaking sights.

This sustainable project is designed to maintain the privacy between each and every apartment whereby a serene atmosphere is amalgamated with the luxury touch of the interiors as well as the outstanding view from the floors. it tinges the creative freedom with the ability to touch communities while being functional, safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Call now on 5 702 5153 and  experience the luxury and convenience with Mayfair serenity.


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