Meet the Promoter Behind Mayfair Serenity – Sunset Boulevard

Meet the Promoter Behind Mayfair Serenity

Written by Nawaz Peerbux – Promoter of the Mayfair Brand

Construction has always been my passion since I started in 2004. I get to invent things from the ground up and get to touch the final product. It’s extremely satisfying to see a vision all the way through to completion.

Mayfair has built its brand on trust, integrity and reliability and has progressed steadily over the past 4 years selling over 75 units across Mauritius. Following this success Mayfair is now ready to present its most recent development, Mayfair Serenity.

“Affordable Luxury” is the mission, and I am confident this development will demonstrate that luxury and modern living can be achieved at affordable prices. Mayfair Serenity has been designed and positioned as per what the market wants in terms of design, location, and price.

We are bringing 1- & 2-bedroom apartments with new technology. We continuously strive to bring something new in each of our developments. Mayfair Serenity has smart home technology so the home owners can experience luxury, convenience and the latest technology at an affordable price.

Serenity defines the location as it is calm, peaceful, and secured. It is perfectly positioned in a sought-after residential area and benefits from being only minutes from all that you would ever need whether being the beach, retail, schools, or leisure.

The price set for these luxury units satisfies the trends and are what the market perceives as “Value for Money”. Mayfair aims to create a portfolio of properties to offer to locals and foreigners without attaching the extortionate price tags.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to own your part of the Mayfair brand. 



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