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Meet the Sales Consultant Behind Mayfair Serenity


I have been positively influenced and shaped by my sales career since my first day at work. Although my career seems to be just taking off, I have had the opportunity to work alongside some great role models who have openly shared their knowledge and experience to make my work more efficient, effective and enjoyable. The satisfaction achieved when genuinely helping others with real estate ensuring the purchasing experience is memorable and the outcome meets expectation is truly immense. The most awesome aspect of selling properties is the knowledge that the work you have done truly matters. I have been so fortunate to have had the chance to bring solutions to individuals that truly help them.

I have worked on the sale of several off-plan developments and without a doubt it requires more explanation, information and visual aids in order to convert a lead into a sale rather than a ready built property. The reason being, buyers like to see, touch and feel the surrounding of the property in order to feel confident before parting with their millions they are going to invest. Selling such high-value assets using 3D rendering and a few descriptions requires a certain level of skill, talent and most of, all belief in the product your putting forward. Mayfair Serenity makes it easy to believe in the product which in turns facilitates the selling process.

Since the soft launch of Mayfair Serenity, the effects of having a truly outstanding and distinctive project has been experienced with the results and the positive reaction from the market. This exciting and innovative development stands out from the average development and the response and interest expressed in this particular project has manifested this distinction. A surge of local and international interest has been predominant and this technologically savvy development manages to effortlessly meet the expectations of both markets.

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