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Perebere – A Home Away From Home

Written By Nawaz Peerbux

May 2020 

Amidst the street filled with pedestrians brooding with stress, the wailing cars and bustling shops in Birmingham, UK is where I was born and raised, This was what I had become accustomed to and formed part of for the past 37 years. 

In my pursuit for a different lifestyle, Mauritius was always going to be a number one contender as a result of my connection due to my parents emigrating from there in the 1960,s and my frequent visits from an early age. Mauritius always had that appeal which epitomised a relaxed demeanour, strong culture of social integrity and manifested great financial opportunities which all collectively, presented itself as something alluring and compelling. 

Mauritius is exploding with possibilities to set up camp, offering many of the creature comforts you would need coming from abroad. Its renowned coastlines are equipped with a diverse range of amenities, restaurants, shopping malls, medical centres, educational institutes and entertainment. The economy has become extremely lucrative and exciting with endless opportunities. 

The north has always had a “wow factor” and a reputation for pampering the tourists, especially amongst the locals.  I feel it has been developed in such a manner whereby you can experience the true Mauritian culture without compromising or complicating your usual routine.

In 2017, after much deliberationI took the leap and decided to move to Mauritius. Before doing so, I spent a lot of time researching where would be the best place for me and it was without a doubt that Perebere ticked all the boxes possessing all the attributes which would enhance the lifestyle I had opted for.


Perebere is embellished with a stunning beach, where the locals are often seen playing the native music, “Sega”, while passers-bys cannot resist the rhythm and join in. Under the canopy of coconut trees, you can sample some of the fresh local fruits prepared in traditional sauces. To be so close to the tantalising clear blue sea, perfect for the early morning dip, or that late afternoon soak, is enough of a reason for this place to win your heart.


Food & Drinks

Although Perebere is classed as a village, adjacent to Grand Baie, it has all the convenience of a vibrant city, yet can simultaneously deliver the tranquillity of the countryside. The main coastal road small alleyways are loaded with restaurants to satisfy all palettes, cafes and bars which are open till late and several street food vendors of typical Mauritian cuisine can be found at every corner. There is always something to fill the gap.

Coming from abroad, there are certain products which we simply can not do without. Mine was Lurpak butter. To some degree we have to accept the limitation, which will be inevitable on some luxury items, however, I was pleasantly surprised with the number of items which we thought we would have to sacrifice but were actually accessible. 

Winners, which would be the equivalent to Tesco, is conveniently located 100m from the beach, and this is a great place to stock up on your everyday items. Further towards Grand Baie, you can find Super U, again, the equivalent to Tescos but categorises as a hypermarket and you’re sure to find what you need from here. It’s generously stocked with items that fill the carts of locals and many non-residents originating from Europe and South Africa. 



Shopping for necessity or pleasure are both available in and around Perebere. The fusion of shopping, entertainment and feasting is evident in the two main shopping centres within 2 miles of Perebere, 

La Croisette is the more recent addition and has brought numerous leading retail units as well as leisure facilities all in one spot. International brands such as Gant, Lacoste, Mango, Adidas and Pandora are all under the umbrella of La Croisette. The mixture of retail, entertainment and restaurants offers a great experience for any visit and makes the purpose truly enjoyable.  

Admittedly, the likes of the big shopping mall such as Bull Ring, Westfield, Touchwood, Merry Hill which are home to several prominent retail names have not yet made its way to Mauritius, but the alternatives which are available and the manner in which they have been made accessible, soon makes you forget the hype which once existed for them.  



The beach in itself invites an array of activities, whether its a casual swim, a late-night barbecue or a stroll across the sandy shores. In addition to this, there are all the water sports which are also are available. Undersea walking, snorkelling, banana boats, speed boat rides and much more which are all easily accessible and affordable. Look for a lady called Pat, usually sat in her deckchair at the far end of the beach, she will be sure to assist you. 

Riverland, a fitness centre in La Croisette is my preferred spot as it offers a variety of classes, tennis lessons for children as well as adults and an outdoor pool along with its gym floor. It has successfully encompassed the requirements of all levels. If this does not tickle your fancy, then are several others which can be visited in the vicinity. 

Super U Trading Centre, renowned has a bowling centre which is great for friends and families. It is equipped with pool tables and some other light entertainment. Within this compound, there are also arcades games and my old-time favourite, Bumper cars. 

For the film lovers, La Croisette includes one of the most popular cinema complexes in the north with 5 halls each with grand multiple screens and surround sound. 

All in all, Perebere is not short of leisure activities to keep you busy and entertained. It’s a great location which has something for all ages, stamina and endurance.


When choosing a location for you and your family, education is a key factor when deciding. The schooling system is heavily based on the British schooling system and has resulted in achieving a standard of education which is quite high and challenging. 

In the north, there are various international schools which will comfortably meet the expectations of education which you have been familiar with. 

The education taught at schools in Mauritius forms only part of the deal. The experiences, of living on such an island exposed to the different cultures, languages, religions, and lifestyle creates a much richer, fulfilling and enhanced package.  


Healthcare is always something to ponder over whether you’re at home or abroad. Coming from the UK, the medical insurance I had in place was still valid in Mauritius due to the Bilateral Social Security Agreement between Mauritius and the UK. It should be noted that not all cover is valid and the insurance policy is restricted. It is recommended that international health insurance be taken before moving as this will cover you for a broader spectrum of treatment if it is ever required. 

In the north, there are plenty of medical institutes scattered around specialising in different treatments. Clinique du Nord, a private hospital, 3 km from Perebere would be your first point of call for any general enquiries. 

Although we all hope to avoid medical treatment, there is comfort in knowing that Mauritius has drawn some heavy investment from abroad in the healthcare and are continuously improving their standards have arrived at a level which now attracts medical tourists. 



The abundance of choice which is on the market is unbelievable. There are all types of accommodations, ranging from studio apartments to luxury villas. Whether you choose to rent or to buy, there surely will be something to suit your budget and taste. 

In terms of rental, a 4 bedroom villa with private pool and within walking distance from the beach can be found starting at Rs 45,000/month. If, you are leaning more towards the idea of an apartment, a fully furnished 3 bedroom apartment with communal swimming pool, again within walking distance from the beach, could be secured for as little as Rs 25,000/month. 

Buying your own property is also an option and coming from a place where a 3 bedroom terraced with minimal space could set you back in the region of Rs15,000,000, it is safe to say, you get a lot more for your money in Mauritius. The dominant criteria for a non-resident is that the value of the property must not be less than Rs6,000,000. 

However, Rs6,000,0000 could get you a luxury 3 bedroom apartment fully furnished and minutes from the beach. If you prefer something more private or individual, there are a variety of stunning luxury villas which are sure to meet your expectations. 

Moving abroad is a pivotal decision which brings changes to not only to your lifestyle but also to the way you value certain elements such as relationships and beliefs. It is important to choose a place which will better all these elements and Perebere is sure to do so. 




Perebere is a place where you can enjoy a buoyant life, enrich your daily routine with nature and all its surroundings and benefit from the emerging economy without having to compromise or sacrifice the key factors which you value the most.



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