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Property Management

Sunset Boulevard offers you the opportunity to enjoy the rewards of your rentals without the hassle of management and the day to day problems with different management options to suit different lifestyles and investment schemes:

Long term rental Property Management Service

With our varied pool of foreign and local consumers, we put at your disposal our networks and real estate expertise. Our services include marketing your property through all the appropriate channels and finding you a suitable tenant, handling all administrative & accounting tasks and maintenance of your property.

Long term services offered

  • Sunset Boulevard takes care of the management of lease agreements, renewal of those leases and the drawing up of an estimate if necessary or the surveillance of the property in the absence of tenant.
  • Sunset Boulevard offers payment management, the debiting of rents whereby we cash the rents and pay them to you.
  • The maintenance of the property (emergency management with establishment of quotations)
    • Electrical – Our electricians are qualified to handle practically any electrical job. Certified, they have the experience and expertise to get the job done right.
    • Plumbing – From service and contract plumbing, to kitchen and bathroom renovations, we offer a variety of services.
  • Air-conditioning – Our skilled technicians provide expert air-con repair services and can help you with the installation of almost all types of systems.
  • Landscape Maintenance – Sunset Boulevard provides various landscape maintenance services depending on the client’s needs.
  • Miscellaneous – Sunset Boulevard has access to a wide range of trades, therefore, will be able to respond efficiently to any issues that may arise no matter how small or how big.
  • In the rare case of a dispute or conflict between landlord and tenant, Sunset Boulevard will lead the negotiations to aim for an amicable solution.
  • Personalised housekeeping services, whether you are in residence or travelling or residing abroad and supervision of the house in case of prolonged absences of the tenant also form part of our services offered.

Short term rental Property Management service

The short-term lease or seasonal rentals with Sunset Boulevard gives you the flexibility of occupying your property as well as receiving an additional income. Our dedicated team manages the marketing, sales, operations and services for travellers.

As a property management service, Sunset Boulevard shoulders the full responsibility in taking care of all your tenants who come and go in your property.

Short term services offered

Mauritius welcomes close to 1.5m tourists every year, many of which opt for self-catering unit as oppose to the luxury hotels due to the cost saving element. With this in mind, we are offering them the opportunity to have the luxuries of the hotels such a breakfast, cleaners, Laundry Service, Airport transfers and much more while they can still enjoy massive savings.

A personalised customer service for tenants – Upon their arrival, our guest relations will take care of the tenants by welcoming them in your villa with a cocktail. They will be visiting the property while the latter will brief them about the services, activities and offers. The guest relation also shares the responsibility of assisting the tenants all long during their stay.

  • Airport transfer – We propose to take care of your transfers by car or bus. The driver will be waiting for them at the airport with a name plate.
  • Vehicle rental – What a better way to discover the island independently. We can offer a wide range of services and rates that are more convenient to you, as we work with several suppliers.
  • Delivery of grocery – A list of the highly consumed products will be sent to them by email or given to them personally upon your arrival.
  • Continental Breakfast – Every morning as from 7.30 am, a maid brings them a basket of pastries accompanied by tea, coffee, juice, bread, butter and jam. Anything else they may want for their breakfast; the maid can prepare them for them at an additional cost.
  • Daily Housekeeping – Every day, one of our maids will take care of the cleaning.

Property Management Fees:

Long term Rental – 8% + VAT of monthly rental income

Fees will be deducted from income before forwarding onto client.

Short Term Rentals – 10% + VAT of rental achieved.

Fees will be deducted from income before forwarding onto client.



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