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Selling a property is not as easy as it looks. By merely listing it on the internet and waiting for the enquiries is not a feasible approach in today’s competitive market.

To ensure your property is sold efficiently at the optimal price, it requires careful evaluation, accurate marketing and determination from a team who will go the extra mile to get you the results.

Sunset Boulevard assures you that we will invest our extensive knowledge of the marketplace, adapt our marketing strategy to target the correct audience and give our every effort to ensure your property is sold within the recommended time frame for the best price.

Why choose Sunset Boulevard

Marketing is the most important factor when selling your home. Many consider it to be a considerable expense, however Sunset Boulevard, believe that having a strong marketing strategy for selling your home, will increase the interest which in turn, will result in a higher offer for your property.

At Sunset Boulevard, it’s important that Sales are fully aligned with Marketing. Our Sales Team works very closely with our Marketing Team which includes:

A Professional Photographer – Photos are possibly the most important aspect when it comes to selling your home. They need to be clear, sharp and show your house at its absolute best. The more photos, and the better quality the less doubt you leave in the viewers’ minds.

A Digital Team – The digital age has without a doubt transformed the way houses are marketed and how buyers find a property. Our digital team is ready to take on any online platform to ensure the right visibility geared towards the right audience at the right time.

A Design Team – A brochure can be essential when selling your property. hey show the best aspects of your home and provide almost all the details that a potential buyer needs to know which makes kit easier for them to make that important to decision as whether to buy or not to buy.

A Video Animation Team – If you want to showcase your home it can be worth investing in a video animation to highlight the best features of your property. A video provides potential buyers with a clear, detailed view of your property and can generate a lot of interest.


Option 1

2% + VAT for the value of the sale achieved

Instant Purchase – Full payment upon signature of the sales deeds at the notary.

Differed Property Purchase – 50% Agency fee payable at the time of Reservation and the balance payable on signature of sale deeds

Off Plan Purchase – 50% payable on sales of deeds and balance to be paid on delivery

Option 2

This is a concept which Sunset Boulevard is introducing to its customers which could result in substantial savings.

Rs 30,000 + VAT up-front fee. (Includes sales up to a value of Rs 4,000,000)

Rs 50,000 + VAT up-front fee. (Includes sales from a value of Rs 4,000,000 up to Rs 8,000,000)

An additional Rs 8,000 for accompanied viewings

In some cases, getting the potential buyers through the door is a struggle. Therefore, Sunset Boulevard has devised a scheme which produces all the potential leads and allows you to deal with them at your leisure.


  • You control the leads.
  • You have the flexibility of negotiations.
  • You determine when viewings are carried out and only you have access to the property.
  • You have firsthand knowledge of the feedbacks given by the potential buyers

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