Syndicate Management – Sunset Boulevard

Syndicate Management

Sunset Boulevard offers a competitive and efficient syndicate service, whereby it shoulders the responsibility of ensuring a complex consisting of individual owners is managed from the accounting aspect through to the maintenance.

Any building consisting of multiple units requires a Syndicate and with the increasing number of residential projects emerging the need for a professional syndicate service has never been more apparent. The presence of a professional syndicate management alleviates all responsibilities and efforts required from any of the owners and allows a more relaxed atmosphere amongst them.

Operating a syndicate is a tiresome task which consumes a lot of time with paperwork, chasing payments, quality checks, arranging trades, organising AGMs along with a range of other tedious jobs. If not done with the correct accuracy, professionalism, and efficiency the outcome could be detrimental to the members of the syndicate.

Sunset Boulevard has a team which will take away all the stress and complication of managing the syndicate.

The team consists of:

Administration – to liaise with owners and other parties to address any issues which arise e.g non-payment, disputes with utilities, arranging AGM.   

Legal Advisors – available for any queries and disputes.

Payroll Officer – to record all income and expenditure and to make   presentable for AGM.

Maintenance – tradesmen required to maintain the upkeep of the property   i.e pool cleaning, gardener & cleaner.

Contractors – trades which are needed for repairs I.e plumber,   electrician, decorator etc.

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