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World Schooling – The New Tenant

Written by Nawaz Peerbux

August 2020


Tourism has evolved significantly over the past decades and we could soon to be embraced with a new category of tourists. With the international lockdown, many of us have had the experience of home-schooling our children and this has brought a whole new perspective on how our children can be educated. Having discussed this with several other parents and observing the trends across Europe, it would not come as a shock if this practice escalates post lockdown. The advantages this brings, in parallel to its effectiveness could be too good to turn down. World schooling is learning and finding education from the real world. Leaving behind traditional classrooms and desks, swapping them for the hustle and bustle of new land. It’s about being exposed to new countries with its cultures and gaining first-hand knowledge and experiencing them to have a better understanding. Mauritius is the perfect place to word school and could be top of the list for many parents.



Standing on the upper platform of the Colosseum in Rome listening to the guide describe how the extravagant Romans once lived, I was in awe. The guide showed us where the platforms would rise up from the ground revealing a line of gladiators ready to fight to the death. The sand and dust would be all around them creating a cloud of illusion. I saw where the emperor sat, made his decisions and where the wild animals would be brought in and the defeated gladiators taken out. I learnt more about Rome and the Romans in that hour-long tour than two years of secondary school history. And so that night I went down the rabbit hole of the internet only to find that many people do this, its not a craze and it has a name… “World-schooling”



Mauritius has three languages to experience, English, Creole and French. And all three languages are used regularly. It’s nothing short of amazing to see people being able to jump from language to language at a drop of a hat. The locals are so patient with foreigners who they see trying to learn the language and they always encourage you. That’s language classes covered.


The wildlife that Mauritius has to offer is extremely varied with national parks dotted all across the island. A bird watcher and nature journalist’s heaven. Whether you are experiencing seeing giant tortoises for the first time or immense fruit bats soaring in the night’s sky you and your family will be sure to be left astounded. A monkey in the mountains of Moka is not unusual and a mongoose in the villages of the south is what children love to see and become excited about.

Geography and History

Their geography class could be taken amongst the sugar cane, on the beaches where their feet caress the white soft sand. The dormant volcano which lies silently in the centre should be intriguing as you stare in the mouth of something which once spat out boiling hot lava. Along with the different seasons and varied terrain, there’s more than enough to keep them busy


The history of Mauritius is fascinating. To be able to climb the cliffs at Le Morne and feel the ambience of what was once a refuge for the many slaves will inevitably give you goosebumps. To witness how an island is now operating after claiming its independence after being discovered but the Arabs and later the Portuguese, then being under the rule of the Dutch, French and finally the British would be unparalleled to any classroom rendition.

Religious Studies

This is the perfect place to be to experience a religious education class. You may hear the athan (Islamic call to prayer) in the south, the bells of a church on the north coast or the evening chants from the temple in the west. But what’s striking is how all religions live together in harmony, neither one angered by the other.

Rentals Market

With the change of mindset of many people across the globe and the abundance of knowledge ready to be absorbed from this stunning islands, it will be an overwhelming place to educate children as well as to give them an experience of a lifetime. This could see a new category of tourists looking for rental properties where they will be able to experience the island and soak in the culture and gain a greater understanding of how the clogs turn on this small but reverberating islands.

World Schooling ordinarily occupies 2-3 months in a new place and hotels are not suited for this purpose and landlords will be the target.

This type of tenant offers a great solution for the landlords who have a property which they like to occupy now and again. A medium-term tenant is perfect for covering the annual costs for the maintenance, syndicate fees and general up-keep. 

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